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Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility that is located at 50 W Techne Center Dr in Milford, Ohio. Treating substance abuse involves multiple stages of treatment through a recovery program such as that offered by Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center. This can include group counseling, individual counseling, outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, and medically assisted detox, among many others. Treatment programs are based on the individual themselves and are constructed to suit each patient individually. Just as every person is unique, so should treatment programs and that is exactly what patients will receive at Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center.

If addicts do not obtain the right type of support and guidance, they may find treatment to be very difficult as the thought of sobriety can seem so far-fetched. At Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center, professional counseling and guidance are provided to all patients aged 18+, giving them the strength needed in order to obtain a life that is free of drug and alcohol addiction. By altering the patient's outlook on life through addiction treatment, they will be able to stay positive throughout the duration of rehab.

The staff members at Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center have a mission and that is to give patients effective and quality addiction treatment so that long-lasting sobriety can be obtained. The path to a positive future starts on a positive foot and that begins at Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center. Confronting addiction is a difficult thing to do, but it is the most important step in the recovery process. Through professional counseling during the patient's time in treatment, patients will learn coping skills and trigger management which is imperative to the success of maintaining sobriety.

Maintaining sobriety on one's own is extremely difficult, especially when the addict has tried to go 'cold turkey' on their own. This is because it requires medically-assisted detox in order to properly and safely wean the body off of the substance of abuse. This way the body does not go through sudden withdrawal nor experience harsh side effects. Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center can provide patients with all of the necessary tools, treatments, and resources so that patients have every opportunity to succeed in recovery.

Getting treatment is the best option when seeking a life that is free of substance abuse. Get the help required now and start living the best life possible. Contact Northland Addiction Treatment Rehab Center by visiting now.

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50 W Techne Center Dr MilfordOhio  45150

Google Reviews

  5.0   6 months ago

If you are serious about getting and staying sober northland is the best treatment facility! All of the counselors and staff are amazing! Everyone is there to help you and they educate you on the disease! Highly recommend!

  5.0   6 months ago

Id recommend this place to anyone who is struggling with addiction.Its a place where they actually care about there clients.I spent 90 days inpatient.Well I am in my first month of out patient and they have taught more there in the first week rather than the other place I was in..Jack Stem a very good educator has taught me skills I have actually used to save lives.So ya if recommend this place 100percent!

  5.0   6 months ago

I am absolutely blessed to get the opportunity to attend Northland! The knowledge and the way I was welcomed into Northland was just amazing and I know that the staff truly care about me! I'm not just a number or an addict there! I am a person! Thank you to all of the staff I've encountered this far!

  5.0   7 months ago

Great place. Staff is awesome and really cares. Wouldn't be clean and sober without Northland. Tried another place and it was a joke.

  4.0   8 months ago

Excellent information and staff. One suggestion would be to use time better. Three hours of class has a lot of downtime. It seems classes aren't planned to pack in a lot of information. It is a very laid back approach. I am still happy with the program. Also, I was not aware I would have to pay extra to LabCorp. That was an unexpected expense that I wasn't aware of until I got the bill in the mail.

  5.0   9 months ago

From the first day I walked in to Northland I knew that I was in the right place for me. The staff there is unbelievably amazing, they truly care about you and want to help you to get sober. The counselors are the absolute best, they are so loving and supportive and care about you as if you are family. If it wasn't for Northland I really don't know where I would be, actually I do I would be dead. Northland has 100% saved mine and my husband's lives!!!! I highly recommend Northland to anyone who wants to truly save their lives and get sober. Thank you Northland from the bottom of my heart, you truly saved our lives!!!

  5.0   9 months ago

Northland has the most helpful and caring staff. Very professional and competent. I have learned and grown so much since I have been coming here. I highly recommend this program.

  5.0   10 months ago

Northland is a great place with a great staff. Really caring and wonderful people... Gave me a second chance at life and i couldn't appreciate it more...

  3.0   10 months ago

This experience has been much better than my last. The counselors are there for you and listen to assist in overcoming challenges. There are a few that could be more positive than negative and lose their ego trips but for the most part everyone is great. The medical staff concerns me because some of them assume they already know your story and you are on Suboxone and do not see the harmful side to suboxone. They are friendly though. All-in-all best option for outpatient treatment in Clermont County. Northland seems to be about getting the clients on a hopeful path for a successful future.

  5.0   11 months ago

Northland is a great place, the staff is the best. I have been to other rehabilitation facilities, but this one is the best. Nothing bad to say about this place either.

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland is a great place! Ever since I started going to Northland, it has made me realize so much and has made me a better person! The counselors and doctors are great there and I actually understand what you went through as some have been there too. they don't judge you and they work with you more than any other place would. I suffer with bad social anxiety and was super nervous when I first started, when I walked in and found my place, I felt so comfortable like I been going there all along. Northland has helped shape me into the person I am now!

  4.0   1 year ago

I am grateful for the opportunity & services I receive at Northland Recovery Center. My counselor, Christina Jeffery's been patient & understanding in my treatment program. I respect & value her.

  4.0   1 year ago

Overall it's a great place. The staff is very helpful and truly cares about the clients. I recommend to anyone seeking recovery.

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland is an amazing recovery center. They have everything from in patient, outpatient, aftercare, and post continuing care. They offer so many services from medicated assistance, Education on addiction and why addicts do what they do. Dr Whittsett is absolutely amazing in educating you. I think once you understand more about the disease you are able to overcome it and work with the things you learn to change your life. A few more things they have are a mothers program for pregnant women, counseling services, and doctors care. They also have the ability to refer you to other services if needed. This is one of the best programs I have seen. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to change their life. They will support you in doing that.

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland was the only answer for me after a 6 year battle with addiction. Jack, Angela, Kat , Jacob and Dr.Dye I will forever remember the direction and tools you provided me to help me get my life back that I had given up on. 6 months clean and sober and all of you have played an important role in guiding me through my recovery to which I am forever grateful. Northlands program works if you are willing to be open minded and dedicated. Northland has given me the drive to want to give back and help others with the same disease. Thank you for everything! Sincerely Ty Patten

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland has helped me save my own life! If I wouldn't have been referred to Northland, I'm not sure where I'd be...but I know it wouldn't be in a good place. I was unsuccessful in trying to maintain sobriety on my own in the past and that was very discouraging. By the grace of God I found Northland and every step of the way had been a blessing! The Doctors, Medical staff, all of the Councelors, and the office staff have all gone above and beyond to help me on my journey of recovery! Northland has taught me so much about addiction, all the underlying issues that lead to abuse, and most importantly how to change all of that! Northland has given me all the tools and coping skills I need in order to get back to my true self and be able to make the most of my life being sober! I am beyond grateful for my experience at Northland, and although I know that I am responsible for my first 387 days of sobriety, but it has been amazing to have the support and guidance that Northland has given me on my road to recovery. If anyone is struggling with addiction or know someone that may be ready to take that first step into recovery, please take time to look into Northland and their treatment programs because they will help you save your life if you're willing to put in the work it takes! I can't thank Northland and all of their staff enough for everything they have helped me with and I know I have a fighting chance to live a happy, healthy ,and most importantly sober life because it really is possible!

  5.0   1 year ago

Great rehab for the addict who seriously wants to get sober. Excellent staff and very helpful. This is the one rehab facility that I would recommend to anyone who is ready to change their lives.

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland is a great place I enjoy comeing here they helped me tremendously the counselors are great they really care I had iop Angela was my counselor and Stacy is my aftercare counselor and both of them are awsome Angela was one of the main reasons I got sober and stayed sober and Stacy is continuing by helping me have the tools to remain sober

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland has been so helpful, inviting, and caring. They work with parents schedules, work schedules, and they even have a special department to help anyone with finding sources that can help with other of lives challenges. I would reccomend anyone to come and at least talk to someone and get some info!

  5.0   1 year ago

Northland is a very compassionate and caring place if you are wanting to get clean. Their program is wonderful put it's all up to you if you are wanting it. I highly recommend to come to Northland..

  5.0   1 year ago

This place is amazing! The staff are very respectful and understanding. This place has changed me inside and out. I've learned so many skills from here. Without this wonderful place I would nt be the person I am today!!! Thanks Northland 😀 Shirley Hall

  3.0   1 year ago

Northland is awesome! Everyone working there really cares. I feel safe there. Northland has saved my life. If you want recovery Northland is the place to go.

  5.0   1 year ago

love this place! love my time here is well spent and learned so much from this program!

  5.0   1 year ago

I gave Northland 5 stars because coming here and getting help saved my life. Everyone helped me so much, and I want to especially than Donna for all the help she gave me. Thank you so much!

  5.0   1 year ago

This program is outstanding! This is the best treatment center i've ever attended. The concern for my well being and the individual care i have received has been remarkable. And unexpected. Never give up! Give northland the chance to change your mind about treatment. I'm so glad I went, and hopefully you will read this and do the same. This place saved my life, and changed my thinking.

  5.0   2 years ago

This is really a wonderful ✨😍 place to go 🚦to get the help you need to put you're life on track, the staff and Medical Department is awesome people great people......

  5.0   2 years ago

I'm currently in the middle of my 12 weeks and I absolutely love it there. Nothing else have ever worked for me and I've never really wanted to go anywhere either but Northland I can't wait to go back. Their all amazing

  4.0   3 years ago

I entered treatment in Sept. 2015, until I went into aftercare I had the best counselors, Jack and Jasmine( she us No longer there which is a shame because she was amazing) ms. Donna is amazing as well. The aftercare counselor had however,not so doctor was great as well. If you truly want help I recommend this program it works if you work it! Thank you northland for saving my life, i couldn't have done it alone

  5.0   3 years ago

I entered Northland Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility over a year ago, in April 2015, suffering from the disease of heroin addiction. Because of the amazing MAT treatment program, knowledgeable, caring, supportive staff, I am still in active recovery over a year later. I've tried several different rehab facilities but none compare to this, nothing short of miraculous, facility. Founded on scientific evidence, cutting edge technology, proven research and a diligent twelve step program, it is by far the most successful program I've ever been blessed to be apart of. I am looking forward to remaining a part of the Northland family long after successful completion. I literally owe them my life. Dr. Craven, Stacy K, Leslie, I especially give high honors to although the entire staff is wonderful. I highly recommend Northland to anyone wanting another way of life and willing to put in the time, energy and effort.

  4.0   3 years ago

I went to this treatment program as a follow-up to residential treatment. The entire staff is real straight forward type of people. I needed that. They helped me to task and made me look honestly at myself. For that I am forever grateful. Thanks Northland. You guys are great.

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